Fictive Realities: Architecture and Zine Project


Architecture and publication have evolvingly been interdependent in the presence of books, magazines, and digital information systems. It is both association of disciplines in which paved to a growing promotion of works and communication of an idea. This dynamic is more complex, nuanced, and expansive over time — how the information of physicality is converted as a way of seeing and as a design driver.



  • Work- How do we slow down the pace of change, and what to do if job loss outstrips job creation? The development of artificial intelligence can outperform humans. Jobs are threatened by automation, machine learning, and robotics.
  • Liberty-How do we introduce new socioeconomic models? We are investing so heavily in political and economical needs rather than our own long-term needs as a conscious person.
  • Equality- How do we regulate ownership of data? Property is a prerequisite for long term inequality
  • Meaning- If we cannot leave something tangible behind- such as a gene or a poem- perhaps is it enough to make the world a little better? What we know and we don’t know keeps on changing.
  • Meditation- How do we get in touch with reality? Brain research and meditation must complement it.
  • Nationalism- How do we value our culture and tradition while providing military and economic protective shell? We now have global ecology, global economy, and global science but we are still stuck with only national politics.
  • Religion — How can holy scriptures guide us in the era of artificial intelligence, bioengineering, global warming, and cyberwarfare? So far, modern ideologies, scientific experts, and national governments have failed to create a viable vision for the future of humanity.
  • Immigration- How do we allow immigrants, adapt to common norms and values, and assimilate? Unlike traditional racist bigotry, culturism has a much firmer scientific basis.


Image above is a zine titled “Prototypes 2014–2019”; a collection of works under realization from my college career. I prepared the zine to find niche while looking for a job beyond the institution.



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